Great smile (starlitgem) wrote in aspergiasupport,
Great smile

Is anyone here a child of someone with Aspergers?
My brother was just diagnosed with Asperbergers....he's 12 and managed to slip through the educational cracks this entire time because he's "high functioning."
It made me realize that my father probably has it. He is EXACTLY like my brother. They share the exact same "odd" traits.

Was it hard on you growing up? My father is undiagnosed so for my entire life I just thought he was a "weird freak." I didn't know it could possibly be autism. I thought he was just emotionally screwed a "defective" human being. He actually made my life a living hell....
I apologize for the negative terms but I just found out about my brother's aspergers this week, and it got me thinking about my dad a lot and how hard it was on me growing up.

Can anyone relate with this...?
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