byrthebb (byrthebb) wrote in aspergiasupport,

This pretty much describes my son

Credit to the following:Dr. Paul Donahue- TO YOUR HEALTH

Q. Our grandson , age 15, has been diagnosed with Asperger's disorder. Please say something about it.

A. People with Asperger's disorder have difficulty relating to others. One manifestation of that difficulty is their failure to maintain eye contact with people they are talking to. They find making friends difficult. They are often preoccupied with restricted interests and find it difficult to express emotions. They often lack fine motor control and are not usually gifted in sports, let alone interested in them.
Most however, have normal or high verbal intelligence, and most are able to function independently and lead productive lives.

Well for the most part- this describes my son. He did express an interest in baseball for a while - watching it - not playing it.
He's going to be 23 on the 27th of this month and he still lives at home with me.
I've never had him tested or diagnosed.
He's very smart but not very mature. He doesn't seem to have a lot of common sense. He's sort of like the "absent minded" professor or something. He makes straight A's without hardly trying but can't keep his shoes tied.
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